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DEA & ATF Federally Licensed
Police K9 Training Center

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USA K9 Training Center and Corporate Headquarters:

K9 Working Dogs International, LLC is proud to welcome our clients to visit our Corporate Headquarters and USA K9 Training Center located in rural North Central Kansas. Including a completly lighted regulation size K9 Training Field, and more than 40,000 sq.ft of Indoor Training & Classroom space, Gymnasium, Dormitories for Officers attending training classess, and a Conference Room/Auditorium with seating for 300+ guests!

K9 Working Dogs International has the most complete and sophisticated Training Center Facilities in the USA !


Industries Served:

Memberships, Associations, and Licenses:

DEA Federally Licensed Narcotics Detection K9 Training Center

U.S. Department of Justice - Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Licensed



ATF Federally Licensed Explosives Detection K9 Training Center

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) Licensed



ATF Federally Licensed Explosives Detection K9 Training Center

Official ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Supporter

ATF Federally Licensed Explosives Detection K9 Training Center

State of Kansas Licensed



ATF Federally Licensed Explosives Detection K9 Training Center

Better Business Bureau

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"Police K9 Contact Form" (Law Enforcement or Governement Agencies Only)


Federally Licensed -
Law Enforcement Training Center

Nationally Recognized Officer & K9 training & certifications
"The most advanced and specialized independent Law Enforcement K9 Training facility in North America!

Basic Initial Officer Training thru Advanced Tactical & Interdiction Courses to ensure optimum performance and proficiency on the Streets and in Court, to truly impact the Community you serve!

Official Training Courses -
Exceeding ALL State & National Certification Standards!

"Cutting-edge K9 & Officer Training like nothing you've experienced before! Become well-versed, effective, and proactive in a great...

Police K9's For Sale -
Imported Police Service Dogs (PSDs)

Officially Certified Police K9's For Sale, trained to exceed National and International PSD / PSP Certification and performance Standards!

The largest selection of Operational Ready Police Service Dogs for Narcotics & Criminal Interdiction in central USA. All of our K9's are fully tested, trained, & Guaranteed for 5 YEARS!!

K9 LEAP Grant -
Funding Assistance Program

for Law Enforcement Agencies that qualify! "Get the right K9, Equipment, & Officer Training you need to quickly impact your Community in a positive and... More...



Licenses and Affiliations:

DEA- Licensed Teaching and Research Institute Licensed ATF Explosives Detection K9 Training and Education Facility Kansas State Board of Pharmacy - Licensed Teaching and Research InstituteRegistered Smal Business AdministrationRegistered Smal Business Administration


D&B D-U-N-S Registered

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Eukanuba Premium Adult Dogfood