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Mid-Eastern States Regional K9 Program -
West Virginia Law Enforcement K9 Training

WV K9 Training Program | Police K9 Training in West Virginia | Police Dogs For Sale in West Virginia Police Service Dogs (PSDs) are available now to Law Enforcement Agencies in and Around the State of Louisiana with Specialized Officer & K9 Interdiction Training that is conducted Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually. For an upcoming schedule of events in West Virginia and the Surrounding Mid-Eastern States Region: Contact us

Sr. Patrolman Dustin Cale
* Regional K9 Training Coordinator
* K9 SME (Subject Matter Expert)
* Fulltime Police K9 Handler
* Certified Police K9 Unit Instructor
* West Virginia / POST Certified Law Enforcement Instructor

Current K9 Handler & Instructor in West Virginia.

The Mid-Eastern States Regional K9 Program is available to assist Law Enforcement Agencies improve Proactive Criminal Interdiction efforts, ensure K9 Unit Productivity, and overall Patrol Officer Proficiency.

West Virginia K9 LEAP Grant Program

K9 Grants List - K9 LEAP Grant ProgramThe K9 LEAP Grant Program was developed to assist Law Enforcement Agencies overcome budget restrictions, and the often times overwhelming costs associated with acquiring and deploying Highly Skilled, Operationally Efficient, working Police Service K9's.

Funding assistance is available on a State-by-State basis, to approved Law Enforcement Agencies located in, or serving in the State of West Virginia.

Current availability status of the K9 LEAP Grant Program:

Internal Grant is available towards the purchase costs of the canine from K9 Working Dogs International, LLC, for Law Enforcement Agencies that qualify.

If your organization is currently seeking the addition of a working K9, or is considering replacing a current working service K9, and you would like more information regarding the K9 LEAP Grant Program, please contact us. Or call :

  • Mrs. Wendy M. Kiewel
    Grant Coordinator
    K9 LEAP Grant Program
    email: k9grant@k9wdi.com
    Ph. 877-880-0102

    100% of contributions go to the intended purpose, and all contributors will receive a Thank You letter and photo from the Police Dog and Handler that the funds go to help support.

    Contributors can receive public recognition for their support / donation, or they can certainly remain anonymous if they wish.

    Contributions should be sent to:

    Make Checks payable to:
    K9WDI - K9 LEAP Grant Program

    Mailing Address:

    K9 Working Dogs International, LLC
    ATTN: K9 LEAP Grant Program
    322 Weda Street
    P.O. Box 187
    Longford, KS 67458-0187

If your Department or Agency is currently researching various K9 Grant resources available to Law Enforcement Agencies for the expansion of an existing K9 Unit, or is interested in implementing a K9 Unit, we suggest applying immediately for the K9 LEAP Grant! If you are currently raising funds for a K9, or will be in the next 4 to 6 months, apply now, as Grant funding is available to Agencies that qualify on a first-come-first-serve approval process.

WEST VIRGINIA K9 LEAP GRANT | WV Police K9's For Sale - Official K9 Certification & Training • OFFICIAL K9 Handler Training Courses | Police K9s For Sale | K9 Working Dogs International, LLC | DEA & ATF Federally Licensed Police K9 Training Center & Vendor | www.k9wdi.com | 877.880.0102










For more information and Nation-wide availability of the K9 LEAP Grant Program - click here!

Federally Licensed -
Law Enforcement Training Center

Nationally Recognized Officer & K9 Unit Training:
The most advanced and specialized independent Law Enforcement K9 Training facility in North America!

Officer / K9 Handler Training, , Advanced Tactical & Interdiction Courses that will ensure optimum performance and proficiency on the Streets and in Court, to truly impact the Community you serve!

Official K9 Training Course Schedule:
State & National Certification

Sept 3-14, 2018
Oct 15-26, 2018
Dec 3-14, 2018
Feb 25-Mar 8, 2019
Apr 29-May 10, 2019

K9 Course Outlines

Police K9's For Sale -
Imported Police Service Dogs (PSDs)

Police K9's For Sale:
Meeting all State, National and International PSD / PSP Certification Standards!

We offer a great selection of Police Service Dogs available in the USA and Europe. Our K9's are Officially tested, trained, & Guaranteed for 5 YEARS! We provide healthy, high drive Socially stable K9s for Detection, Tracking, Officer Protection, Apprehension, More..

K9 LEAP Grant Program: Funding Assistance
Available for Law Enforcement Agencies that qualify! "Get the right K9, Equipment, & Officer Training you need to impact your Community in a positive and... More...



Licensed State & Federal Contractor:

DEA- Licensed Teaching and Research Institute Licensed ATF Explosives Detection K9 Training and Education Facility Kansas State Board of Pharmacy - Licensed Teaching and Research InstituteRegistered Smal Business AdministrationRegistered Smal Business Administration


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