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Dutch Shepherd
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Pricing thru Nov. 1, 2015: $21,730.00
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History of the Dutch Shepherd Dog

The Dutch Shepherd is remarkably similar to their Belgian cousins - the Belgian Shepherds, but with perhaps more German Shepherd Dog blood in its ancestry. In fact the Dutch Shepherds and the Belgian Shepherds are judged by the same standard requirements except for color.

Curiously, while the related Belgian shepherds have become well known in the United States and northern Europe, this excellent service dog has not attracted much of a following outside the Netherlands. Even there numbers are limited, with only around 400 dogs registered each year.

Almost unknown outside Holland, the Dutch Shepherd is valued there for its ability as a herder and for its quick reflexes. Originally an all-purpose farm guard, herder, cart-puller, guard, police and security dog.

This breed, in its various coat textures, evolved in the early 1800's in the southern part of the Netherlands, especially the province of Brabant, and in neighboring Belgium, which was then part of the Netherlands. Division by coat texture occurred when dog shows began 100 years ago.

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