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OFFICIAL DEA & ATF Federally Licensed -
Police K9 Training Center

"The most complete and sophisticated K9 Training Center Facilities in the USA !" Read more here...

Police K9 & Handler Training Courses - "EXCEEDING National Certification Standards"!

"Get the paper, but train for the STREETS!!"

Official Officer / K9 Handler Courses that Exceed State and National Certification Standards... More…

K9 LEAP Grant Funding Assistance Program for Law Enforcement Agencies!

Police Service Dogs (PSDs), Police K9's For Sale

Our Officially Certified Police K9's For Sale are trained to exceed US DoD and International PSD / PSP Standards, Imported, fully tested, trained, & Guaranteed.




Licenses and Affiliations:

DEA- Licensed Teaching and Research Institute Licensed ATF Explosives Detection K9 Training and Education Facility Kansas State Board of Pharmacy - Licensed Teaching and Research Institute





Registered Smal Business AdministrationRegistered Smal Business Administration


D-U-N-S Registered

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