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The First Step in Purchasing a Protection Dog from K9 Working Dogs!

K9 Working Dogs is a company that is legendary throughout the World for being The Leader in Needs Assessment and Protection Dog Placement - meaning we work with you to find your real needs and wants, and once we have established your needs we can move on to the next phase of getting you that Protection Dog that is PERFECT for you and your Family!

The Below Form was developed as the initial screening process for all of our Customers and is only intended to give us a basic idea of who you are and what you need and are looking for. All of our Customers must fill this out prior to talking with one of our Staff. None of the information provided will ever be shown to anyone outside our company, and your information entered is secured by the world's leading privacy software: Secure Send (SSL).

Dogs For Sale at K9 Working Dogs:

  • Every dog has been fully health tested and has had their hips & elbows professionally checked and are found to be free of crippling genetic Hip & Elbow disorders.
  • Personalized Custom Training Packages available on most dogs.
  • K9 Working Dogs dogs have been raised and custom trained specifically for K9 Working Dog's Protection Dog and Security K9 Certification Programs.*
  • Dogs listed on this website may or may not be personally available, if they are not available due to sale or that they are an example of dogs that are available, a dog similar to the one listed will be offered in the place of the dog that is not available. Please contact K9 Working Dogs to speak with a trained Protection Dog Specialist today!

Protection Dog Info

Full descriptions of Protection Dog Training Levels, Breeds, FAQ, selection process, and more. Not all Protection Dogs are equal!! Educate yourself before you buy... More…

Police K9

Our Police K9's For Sale are Imported, fully tested, trained, & Guaranteed.
K9 LEAP Grant Funding Assistance program for Law Enforcement Agencies!

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Dogs For Sale

Trained Protection Dogs for sale. For some of our Current Listings of Fully Trained Protection Dogs for sale, please browse through our for sale page and contact us to apply. More…

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Kansas State Board of Pharmacy - Licensed Teaching and Research Institute Licensed ATF Explosives Detection K9 Training and Education Facility Kansas State Board of Pharmacy - Licensed Teaching and Research Institute





ASPCA PROUD GUARDIAN Registered Smal Business Administration D&B
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