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Training Level In-Training for Family & Personal Protection

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History of the German Rottweiler

Rottweilers are believed to evolved from the Mastiff or German Shepherd Dog and were used by the Roman army to drive and guard cattle herds. The troops marched long distances, and some members settled with their dogs in southern Germany in what was to become the town of Rottweil. The dogs continued to drive cattle, however in addition their responsibilities included guarding the cattle sale profits and pulling carts and wagons.

Known as the Rottweiler metzgerhund or "butcher dog", this breed was essential to the town’s economy until the mid-19th century when cattle driving was outlawed and donkeys began being used as the chief draft animal.

Since there was no longer a need for this working animal, the breed’s numbers sharply declined and was almost lost completely.

In 1901, fans of the breed realized its peril and formed a club to renew the hardy breed. The club did not last long, however it did agree on a standard for the breed. A new club reintroduced the breed into the workforce as a Police K9, and it was used during the First World War as a Police and Guard Dog.

It was first registered in the AKC in 1931 in the working class and has grown in numbers and support to be the second-most popular breed in America.

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The largest selection of Operational Ready Police Service Dogs for Narcotics & Criminal Interdiction in central USA. All of our K9's are fully tested, trained, & Guaranteed for 5 YEARS!!

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