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History of the Airedale Terrier

The Airedale terrier is the tallest terrier and, as such, is often referred to as the "king of terriers".

Medium-sized terriers were prized by Yorkshire hunters for hunting game such as water rats and foxes. In the mid-1800s, some terriers around the River Aire in South Yorkshire were crossed with otterhounds to enhance their hunting ability around water, as well as scenting ability.

The result of the crossbreeding was a dog adept at otter hunting, originally called the Bingley or Waterside terrier which was later recognized as the Airedale terrier in 1878.

Breeders from the show-dog circuit sought to breed away from some of the remnants of the otterhound cross that were considered less aesthetically pleasing and instead crossed the Irish and bull terriers which produced the modern Airedale terrier.

The patriarch of the breed, Champion Master Briar, gained notoriety around 1900, and his offspring set the standard for the Airedale breed in America.

The breed was used for wartime guard, messenger duty, rodent control, hunting birds and game.

The Airedale’s smart looks and manners made it well-suited as a police dog and family pet. However, after World War I, the Airedale’s popularity waned. Now, its reputation is greater than its numbers.

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Based on the limited number of suitable Airedale Terriers which meet our high standards, we offer only 2 to 4 fully trained adult Airedale Terrier for sale each year. Select German Imported puppies are available with advanced approval by reservation. To make a reservation, please apply here.

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