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Lex Certified Level 3 Executive Protection Dog For Sale

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Breed German Shepherd Dog
Sex Male
Price $26,450.00
Training Level Level 3 Executive Protection Dog
Additional Info

Lex is a Fully Trained Level 3 Executive Protection German Shepherd Dog and is now available for sale to an approved individual or family.

Lex is a SOLID BLACK German Import that has specialized training in Estate, Home and Police Service as well as Search & Rescue and for the Special Forces Police in Germany!

Lex is very loyal, affectionate with his family, indifferent towards strangers in social settings, alert of potential danger or threats that may be inflicted on his family - His superb character and SUPER skills make him an outstanding example of the true working German Shepherd Dog!

He is calm, cool, and collected in the home, or while traveling, yet is very athletic and has excellent endourance while playing fetch, jogging, going on hikes, or bike riding. Great with other animals, and he absolutely LOVES children!!

Lex would be the right dog for you, if you and/or your family is in need of a very well mannered and loving companion, that is ready, willing, able, and extremely capable of defending you against any potential violent threat that may come your way.

Pictures Lex - Level 3 Executive Protection Certified - German Shepherd Male - For Sale
Videos Available - contact for more information

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Licenses and Affiliations:

Licensed DEA Narcotics Detection K9 Training and Education FacilityLicensed ATF Explosives Detection K9 Training and Education Facility Kansas State Board of Pharmacy - Licensed Teaching and Research Institute