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K9 Working Dogs offers this service for the high society individual that wants the absolute best K9 Protection available, and the person that has a constant threat or a security issue that requires a more serious Dog that is trained to the highest possible Level.

K9 Working Dogs provides the finest custom trained Level 3 Executive Protection K9's available anywhere in the World.

We understand that it is a considerable amount of money to spend on a Dog, and that is why K9 Working Dogs Guarantees every Executive Protection K9 and offers complete Continuation Training Programs to keep your new K9 protector in top physical condition, both physically as well as mentally!

In addition we recommend a continuation training program which will include two days of intense hands-on, certified instructor led training to ensure the maintenance and reliability of your Executive Protection K9 companion. This course normally takes place one weekend a month.



Aggressive Response Protection

Every K9 Working Dogs Level 3 Executive Protection Dog is first trained as an Operational Patrol Dog, and then undergoes all Advanced Custom Exercises and Training necessary to meet and complete the specific requirements for each individual placement.

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Your Level 3 Executive Protection K9 will be able to travel with you wherever you choose, and will already have experience prior to placement. You will have your own 24 hour a day personal bodyguard for you and/or your family.


Tracking / Trailing

The K9 Working Dogs Level 3 Executive Protection K9 is taught a series of tracking exercises for the use of locating missing persons or in apprehending intruders or criminals. For example: If your loved ones get lost in woods you can use your K9 to locate them.

The dog can also be used to locate an intruder in your office, estate & home!!!

Executive Protection K9's have custom training to either bite and hold an intruder, or stand him off while barking and intimidating the intruder to stand still until the police or estate security arrive.

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